What Is Staff Augmentation? 6 Incredible Benefits for Your Remote Team

What Is Staff Augmentation?

6 Incredible Benefits

for Your Remote Team

By Ronald Tuch

By Ronald Tuch

What is Staff Augmentation?

We live in a world where the number of software developers worldwide has increased from 23 million in 2018 to 27.7 million in 2023 (according to Statista). As a business owner or hiring manager, you have every right to find that talent pool overwhelming. Also, the administrative and operational costs and time involved in the recruitment cycle certainly don’t help.

With augmentation, outsourcing doesn’t have to look like throwing a fishing net and crossing your fingers for a good catch or sitting still for hours, hoping for a fish to take the bait. But you have to know just how to employ this hiring model. In this guide, we cover what staff augmentation is, how, when, why, and why not to use it, and more!

What Is Staff Augmentation? (Meaning & Definition)

If we can put together a staff augmentation definition, it’s an outsourcing model where a service provider or outsourcing company provides you with an external team of highly skilled individuals. They work alongside your virtual or in-house team for the duration of a certain project.

Staff augmentation services facilitate hiring employees on a temporary basis or as a long-term solution, as you don’t need the overhead or time required for hiring full-time employees. As such, it gives you the full team needed to increase the output of your workforce or bridge skill gaps within your in-house staff so that your existing staff can focus on core business functions.

Team augmentation began in the IT industry to expand the IT workforce of companies and tech startups with outsourced software developers. Since then, it has come a long way, spreading through other sectors.

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What Are the Types of Staff Augmentation Services?

Let’s review the types of staff augmentation based on the skillsets or talents that you require in your augmented team to help you accurately define your expectations.


For the commodity staff augmentation type (also called project outsourcing services), you only require the augmented staff to carry out basic activities. They don’t need special gifts or particular specializations. They only need to be trustworthy and responsible. Think manufacturing, retail, events, manual labor, warehouse work, manual testing, and data entry.


This type is where your staffing requirements from a staff augmentation company are to onboard needed skills for a project or position.

In other words, you’re looking for employees with particular skills, but they don’t have to excel in them, such as spreadsheet use, typing, or speaking multiple languages. Such skills equip the new employees for positions like data processing, basic copywriting, transcription, or clerical work.

Highly Skilled

The highly skilled staff augmentation model allows you to bridge skill gaps in your virtual or in-house team and trust the augmented team with critical business operations.

This type of staff augmentation boosts your team’s capabilities via top-tier hires with extended experience, extensive knowledge, and superb talents, which can be anything from iOS app development to contract law. It certainly gives your company an edge over its competitors.

When to Use the Staff Augmentation Model

Understanding when to implement staff augmentation is essential to dev ops.

Are you unsure if staff augmentation is right for your company’s needs? You can use it for any of the following reasons:

To Reinforce Your In-House Development Team

Whether your problem is understaffing or a lack of specific skills, staff augmentation can help. Complementing existing resources, it enhances your team’s expertise, which is likely to reflect in the quality of your future services and projects.

To illustrate, staff augmentation employees can handle core operations, alleviate some of the workload on your team, and help them meet tight deadlines.

When Meeting Deadlines

You may not find full-time employees fast enough for a time-sensitive project. It probably takes two months to hire software development professionals. In contrast, an outsourcing vendor providing staff augmentation services saves you that time.

On another note, if the capacity of your existing workforce isn’t enough to accommodate the current workload, you’re right to consider staff augmentation. It adds just the right number of specialized professionals to your internal team temporarily so that they can finish the project on time.

When Specific Skills Are Required

Does your permanent staff lack some expertise or skills needed for a task? Staff augmentation enables you to expand your team with the needed skilled individuals temporarily. They can handle the areas that your own staff can’t and even train augmented workers over time if necessary.

Staff augmentation is arguably perfect if your business doesn’t require that skillset long-term. After all, what’s the point of hiring a full-time, in-house team for one project? It’s also excellent if you’re looking for high-tech talent. A staff augmentation project barely ever includes low-level developers because there’s no time to train them. So, you’ll get experienced temporary workers.

As a Bridge for Hiring

You may consider bringing on an augmented staff for more long-term projects. Allow us to explain; you can onboard an augmented staff as a stepping stone to full-time employment. In the augmentation period, you get to test them and see how well they adapt to your company culture and work with your existing team. Afterward, you can decide if you want to hire them long-term or not. It’s a win-win!

Another angle to consider is that staff augmentation can be a temporary solution. In other words, you can bring on augmented employees while you run a conventional recruitment cycle to land full-time employees. This way, the workflow isn’t affected in that period.

6 Benefits of Staff Augmentation Services

Staff augmentation comes with a lot of advantages

What are the pros of team augmentation? Consider how important the following points are to you so that you can make an informed decision.

1. Access Highly-Skilled Professionals

As mentioned, the recruitment process is time-consuming, especially if you want remarkable skills. Staff augmentation picks remote talent for you that you may not find with the time and location restrictions of traditional hiring.

So, why limit yourself to local software development experts when you can access the global talent pool? You have about one million IT experts just in Latin America! Many regions have built thriving software development industries that will take your business to the next level if you outsource to them.

2. Cost-Effectiveness

Yes, staff augmentation is cost-effective. You save money when you don’t give new employees seminars or training. That’s not to mention the expected operational, recruitment, and office space cost savings. You only have to pay the staff augmentation provider for their services.

Staff augmentation is equally a more cost-effective way of hiring employees than the traditional route for short-term projects specifically. You pay the onboarded team an hourly rate for their services (unlike regular in-house staff who require full-time salaries and benefits, including health insurance and 401Ks).

3. Increased Flexibility

Would you like to upscale or downsize your dedicated team to fit your needs? Flexible team augmentation services allow you to add or remove any team member, accommodating your changing workload or skills needed.

Accordingly, you’ll have the right team size and skill set for each job! This renders staff augmentation suitable for companies where the core business operations are expected to change in a year.

4. Streamlined Productivity

How can staff augmentation boost productivity? It cuts down recruitment time from months to days. The staffing agency or staff augmentation company will present you with a selection of potential hires.

Instead of drafting a job description, shortlisting, and so on, all you have to do is interview candidates. They’re also fully trained. This streamlined hiring process promotes productivity.

5. Shorter Development Cycle (Faster Execution)

You can shorten your software development cycle by working with staff augmentation companies. An augmented staff works with your company’s employees seamlessly while grasping and adding value to your project in no time. We all know how much having the right skills and skill levels can save time!

Accordingly, you won’t have to put your entire project on hold as you onboard new team members and can, instead, double on productivity, launching a new software project fast.

6. Improved Control & Communication

If you want complete control over the project, all team members must report to you. Well, the staff augmentation model supports that. New employees (even remote ones) are bound by company policies and work under your leadership. Since they report to you rather than the staff augmentation services that got them hired, you’ll enjoy improved employer-employee communication.

Are There Any Downsides to Staff Augmentation?

Yes, understanding the cons of staff augmentation gives you a well-rounded view of the outsourcing method. Here are the main ones:

  • High Long-Term Costs: One of the cons of staff augmentation is that it costs you more in the long run, as you pay the hiring managers or agencies and talents. That’s why we prefer this hiring approach for temporary rather than permanent solutions.
  • Lack of Institutional Knowledge: The appropriate candidates may have technical expertise but not institutional knowledge. They’ll need some training in company procedures and standards. Luckily, working with a professional service means that they’ll take the time to research your company, which will shorten the time wasted on this.
  • Need for Project Management: Your company must have enough HR personnel and project managers to accommodate the growing team. So, consider adding resources as needed for staff augmentation to work.
  • High Commitment: Staff augmentation is far from a “set it and forget it” solution. You’ll be responsible for the added employees to your team, but that only gives you more control!

Comparing Staff Augmentation With Other Outsourcing Models?

How does staff augmentation compare to other outsourcing models?

In the staff augmentation vs. managed services comparison, you’ll realize that both are outsourcing methods.

Staff augmentation involves adding employees to your existing team who work with them under your supervision. In the case of managed services, you hand over or outsource entire projects to third-party providers known as managed service providers (MSPs) that work independently from your company.

A dedicated team is a solid idea if you need extra employees for a long project. You can hire them traditionally or via staff augmentation as a trial period. And you can negotiate the terms of their agreements to hire them permanently.

Finally, the global staffing industry gives you access to onshoring, nearshoring, and offshoring (depending on the distance between the outsourced team and the business owner). Offshoring allows you to search for talents freely. After all, it outsources teams from distant countries (usually in different time zones).

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How to Succeed With Staff Augmentation

Follow these staff augmentation tips for a successful placement.

To make the most out of staff augmentation, you have to amplify the pros and minimize the cons of staff augmentation as much as possible. That’s why our tips will ensure this outsourcing approach is a smashing success for your business!

Choose the Right Partner

The success of staff augmentation relies, in large, on the service provider you work with. Do they have a good track record, positive digital footprint, thriving work environment, and excellent ratings and reviews? Also, do the potential hires they recommend possess the skills you want?

Maintain Open Communication and Transparency

Communication before and after you outsource the augmented staff is crucial. In the early stages, it ensures that you and the staff augmentation service provider are on the same page.

In other words, they know the number of employees you need, the skills and skill level they should have, the duration of the project, and all relevant information. If not, you could run into errors that cost time and effort or end up investing in talents and skills that don’t add much to your business.

After employment, you want the outsourced software developers to be communicative, especially for remote teams. This allows you to oversee the project.

Clearly Define the Scope of Work

Staff augmentation starts with closely reviewing the project, its goals, and its plans to pinpoint the skills you need. Then, you must examine the existing team to identify the skill gap. After, you can pass that on to the staff augmentation and staffing companies and tell them about the duration of the project and the needed augmentation staff employment period.

Embrace Tools & Tech

Technology becomes a necessity for remote teams. Since you offer software development services, you know better than anyone the importance of team collaboration and management technologies and platforms. They can increase engagement levels, streamline project management, improve communication, and facilitate your business processes.

And don’t forget to keep the team expansion plans in mind. After all, what’s the point of a messaging platform when only a handful of employees can use it? The tool should support big teams and the added employees via staff augmentation.

Staff Augmentation Services With All-Win Solutions

Staff augmentation is a model for outsourcing employees, in which you contact a service provider or company asking for candidates to hire to integrate with your existing team. You can do so if your team is small compared to the workload or lacks certain skills needed. And it’ll save you time, effort, and resources.

Nonetheless, remember to do your research and find a staff augmentation business that’ll recommend only the best talent in the software development field to you. If you’re hesitant but also need extra iOS app developers, a free trial period can put your mind at ease. So, book a call and gain access to a free 2-week trial with one of All-Win Solution’s developers.

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