Fidelity Investments

Elevating Investment App Experiences: A Unified Approach


Fidelity Investments


Stock Trading and Investment Management Platform


Fidelity Investments faced a significant challenge in harmonizing their mature web ecosystem with a less developed mobile platform. This disparity led to user experience inconsistencies, frustrating users and impacting the brand's reputation. Recognizing the need for a cohesive customer experience, Fidelity sought a solution to unify their service delivery across web, iOS, and Android platforms.


We developed an innovative internal tool leveraging a GraphQL back-end on AWS AppSync, enabling Fidelity teams to craft screen flows dynamically for their application. We utilized cutting-edge frameworks for each platform: Typescript for Web, Kotlin using Jetpack Compose for Android, and Swift (initially UIKit, later transitioning to SwiftUI) for iOS. This tool not only standardized UI elements across platforms but also incorporated a mobile modernization plan, particularly focusing on elevating Fidelity's iOS development capabilities with industry-standard technologies. Our approach streamlined the development process, ensuring each platform maintained its native design aesthetics while offering a consistent Fidelity branded user experience.


The implementation of our solution led to a unified and enhanced user experience across all platforms, as reflected in positive user feedback.

Development cycles for the flagship app were significantly reduced, accelerating feature rollout and reducing technical debt, particularly in the iOS framework.

Internal development teams reported a more streamlined process, with a notable improvement in development velocity and user satisfaction.

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