Improving Gas Station Transaction Efficiency


Gas Central


Gas Station Management App


In Matagalpa, Nicaragua, Gas Central grappled with disjointed transaction processes that were hampering efficiency and customer service in their gas station operations. The lack of a cohesive system for managing their station led to several operational bottlenecks. To resolve this, Gas Central sought a modern, integrated approach to manage transactions effectively and streamline business functions.


To address this, Carbon was developed— a user-centric web application designed for Gas Central's specific needs. Built with Flutter for an intuitive interface and BLoC architecture for robust state management, the app used Cubit for fluid data handling and ReactiveX for handling intricate asynchronous tasks. Carbon centralized all data for the business into a single platform, reducing the need for multiple department-specific apps. This consolidation enabled smoother, more efficient operational workflows, ensuring easy access to critical data for transaction management.


Carbon streamlined sales and register operations at Gas Central by significantly enhancing the speed and security of transaction processing

The app simplified information access for management, improving the distribution and organization of operational data

With reduced process delays, Carbon facilitated a more efficient internal workflow, elevating the service quality and overall effectiveness of Gas Central's operations

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