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Nexient's CoinTracker, initially developed using the MVVM architecture, encountered limitations with real-time data management, a critical component for cryptocurrency applications. This challenge necessitated an architectural reassessment to enhance application capabilities, leading Nexient to consider alternatives like BLoC and WebSocketChannel. The goal was to not just identify viable solutions but to execute them excellently, ensuring a significant enhancement in the app's functionality.


Nexient's CoinTracker underwent a strategic overhaul integrating Flutter with BLoC architecture and WebSocketChannel for front-end real-time responsiveness. This change was paired with a robust back-end powered by CoinCap, leveraging websockets for efficient cryptocurrency data management. The team employed a clean design methodology, refactored the services layer, and integrated a repository pattern for logic-view separation. The transformation included the introduction of a domain layer for precise data serialization coupled with advanced stream operators, replacing the view model class with a dynamic Business Logic Component (BLoC). This redevelopment streamlined data flow and user interaction, significantly elevating the user experience and achieving Nexient's vision for a responsive, cutting-edge cryptocurrency tracking application.


The BLoC architecture enabled effective handling of real-time data streams, addressing the previous MVVM limitations

The adoption of the repository pattern enhanced code readability and decoupling, streamlining websocket management

The new state management approach improved websocket management and made the codebase more scalable and easier to maintain

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