Best Countries for Offshore Software Development in 2024

Best Countries

for Offshore Software Development

in 2024

By Ronald Tuch

By Ronald Tuch

best countries for offshore software development

The days of hunting for talented engineers in the local market are long gone. With outsourcing becoming a booming industry and modern technologies paving the way for easier communication, companies often hire outside the local community, and for good reason.

For businesses trying to get a foothold in the software development market, offshore outsourcing presents a unique opportunity. On the one side, you get access to a much larger talent pool of skilled engineers. And on the other, you can often hire at a lower cost, making the entire project more affordable.

But not all offshore locations are created equal when it comes to software development. Factors like technical expertise, language proficiency, infrastructure, cultural alignment, and time zone coordination must be weighed when choosing an offshore development partner.

So, what are the best countries for offshore software development?

Let’s have a look!

Why Outsource Software Development? What are the Benefits?

Before we get to the best offshore software development countries, let’s talk a bit about the benefits of outsourcing your development.

Cost Effectiveness

It’s no secret that cutting costs is the primary reason behind outsourcing. Most offshore outsourcing destinations have a lower hiring cost than the local market. By hiring externally, businesses can make the entire project more cost-effective.

Access a Global Pool of Talented Engineers

When hiring locally, you’re limited to a small talent pool of specialists in your surrounding region. However, with outsourcing, companies get access to a global array of skilled software engineers, developers, and IT experts.

Faster Development Cycle

Outsourcing software development can lead to a faster development cycle. By utilizing the resources and expertise of your external outsourcing team, you can expedite the development process. You can also leverage the time zone differences between you and your outsourcing partner to achieve around-the-clock work hours, boosting productivity.

Fill Skills Gaps Within Your Organization

Another huge advantage of outsourcing software development is that it lets you fill the skill gaps with your in-house team. If your in-house developers lack specialized skills such as AI/ML, blockchain, or IoT, hiring an outsourcing team can bridge those gaps.

For example, if you need a skilled iOS app development rockstar, All-Win Solutions can lend a helping hand.

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What Are the Best Regions for Outsourcing Software Development?

Best Countries for Offshore Software Development

Wondering which region offers the best offshore software development services? Here are the top picks:

#3: South-East Asia

Whenever we talk about top outsourcing destinations, Asian countries find their way into the top 10. Part of the reason behind it is the affordable labor costs. But that doesn’t change the fact that Asia is a technological force to be reckoned with.

Countries like India, the Philippines, and Singapore, among others, have a huge pool of talented software developers at affordable rates. However, the cultural differences between Asia and Western Countries are pretty huge. Also, the differences in time zones and the communication gap can negatively impact productivity.

Top Asian Countries to Outsource Software Development:

  • Taiwan
  • Philippines
  • Singapore

#2: Eastern Europe

Eastern Europe has always been a notable region for software development outsourcing because of its robust IT infrastructure, skilled software experts, and cultural affinity to Western European countries. And despite its strong IT presence, the cost of hiring, in most countries in the region, is pretty affordable.

For instance, in Western Countries like Germany or France, the cost of hiring software developers ranges between $100 to $150 per hour. However, in Eastern Europe, countries like Poland or Ukraine give you access to expert developers at an affordable rate of $30 to $50 per hour.

Top European Countries to Outsource Software Development:

  • Poland
  • Hungary
  • Romania

#1: Latin America

When you’re prioritizing quality over cost, the Latin American software market claims the top spot. Because of close proximity to the US and English proficiency in the region, communication and collaboration with a LATAM software outsourcing company is quite efficient. Countries like Argentina, Brazil, and Mexico score moderate to high on the proficiency index.

The above-average tech infrastructure and the skill level of the software developers ensure quality standards of services. Latin America is home to diverse tech services. So, whether you’re looking for staff augmentation services or project-based outsourcing solutions, you can find a company that’s perfect for you.

Top Latin American Countries to Outsource Software Development:

  • Nicaragua
  • Brazil
  • Mexico

12 Best Offshore Software Development Countries in 2024

offshore software developer at work

Here are some of the best countries to outsource software development in 2024.

1. Nicaragua

Rate: $20 to $50


Growing Tech Industry: Nicaragua is the emerging market for nearshore software development outsourcing, with a tech industry that’s rising steadily. The revenue in the software development market in Nicaragua is forecasted to increase by up to 34.62 percent by 2028.

Cost-Effective Services: Nicaragua offers competitive pricing, allowing you to hire a talented nearshore software developer at an affordable price.

Geographical Proximity: For Western companies, nearshore software development firms like All-Win Solutions (which is based in Nicaragua) offer ideal proximity, minimal time zone differences, and no language barriers for productive partnerships. Choosing an experienced nearshore vendor in a nearby region eliminates common offshore pitfalls.

Quality Standards: Nicaragua – an emergent tech region – will soon reach the top of the ladder due to its strict adherence to quality since they are trained on U.S. standards. Also, language restrictions are becoming less of a problem because developers are getting trained in American English.


Limited Skilled Workforce: With fewer highly skilled software developers compared to other countries, companies outsourcing to Nicaragua could encounter talent limitations for highly complex projects.

Poor Infrastructure: Nicaragua is a developing country with an emerging tech sector. Some parts of the country can face infrastructure challenges, which may cause some hiccups. Fortunately, the top tech cities don’t encounter this issue.

Top Tech Cities: Managua, Matagalpa

2. Taiwan

Rates: $10 to $40 per hour


Advanced Technologies: Taipei, located in Taiwan, is considered one of the top ten cities for digital innovation in Asia because of its advanced IT infrastructure. Their focus on innovation paves the way for cutting-edge software development.

Skilled Workforce: With a huge talent pool of highly skilled tech workforce, you’ll have no shortage of capable developers to provide software solutions. Taiwanese developers are known for their expertise in AI, IoT, and other complex technologies.

Competitive Rates: Despite being a tech powerhouse, the cost of hiring Taiwanese software developers is pretty low. This allows you to find a cost-effective solution to your software development needs.


Communication Gap: The fluency in English is a bit lacking in Taiwan, outside major cities. This can pose challenges to efficient communication, which can negatively impact productivity.

Time Zone Differences: The 12+ hours of time zone difference between Taiwan and Western countries can make it difficult to coordinate and collaborate with your offshore software development team.

Top Tech Cities: Taipei, Kaohsiung

3. Brazil

Rates: $30 to $100


Large Talent Pool: Among Latin American countries, Brazil boasts the largest talent pool of software developers. With over 500,000 IT professionals in the country, finding the right fit for your organization and development team shouldn’t be too difficult, regardless of the project’s complexity.

Tech Diversity: Brazil is a diverse nation in the tech department, showcasing expertise in different industries. So, finding experts in technologies like JavaScript, Node.JS, AI, or any other complex subject is hassle-free.

Geographical Proximity: The proximity to the US and European countries can improve productivity and collaboration. For U.S. companies, the 1 hour time zone difference makes it easier to manage and coordinate work hours.


Higher Prices: The cost of outsourcing software development to Brazil is pretty flexible. But when looking for a top-level expert in the sector, you need to pay a higher price for services.

Language Barriers: The primary language in Brazil is Portuguese. You can face communication issues when hiring outside of major cities in the country.

Top Tech Cities: São Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Campinas, Belo Horizonte.

4. Poland

offshore software development in Poland

Rates: $12 to $50 per hour


Strong Education System: Poland has a strong educational system that contributes to a highly skilled technical workforce. Software developers in Poland are well-versed in complex technologies like AI and machine languages. And their English proficiency is also noteworthy.

Cost-Effective Rates: Compared to other European countries, the cost of software developers in Poland is affordable. On average, you should be able to find software engineers at rates of around 12 to 50 dollars per hour.

Growing Tech Industry: The tech industry in Poland is evolving quickly. At present, Poland is home to more than 50,000 tech companies showcasing their dominance in this sector.


Small Talent Pool: Poland has a relatively smaller crowd of only around 250,000 developers. However, this number is increasing rapidly as more and more IT graduates are looking to get into the industry.

Higher Competition for Talents: Due to a smaller talent pool, finding developers who are not currently engaged with other outsourcing firms can be challenging.

Top Tech Cities: Warsaw, Krakow, Wrocław

5. Philippines

Rates: $15 to $49 per hour


Affordable Labor Costs: The Philippines is known for its extremely cost-effective developers. You can find highly competent people trained in complex technologies at rates as low as $15 per hour.

High English Fluency: English is considered the primary language in law, education, and business in the Philippines. As a result, software developers in the country always have some degree of fluency, which ensures efficient communication.

Growing IT Sector: The ICT market of the Philippines is one of the biggest in the world. It’s forecasted to grow by up to 10.54% per year up to 2027.


Lack of Experience: The average software developer in the Philippines is highly experienced in simpler web development and app design. However, they might lack experience in complex projects and enterprise-level work.

Tech Infrastructure: Some parts of the Philippines, especially when you look outside major cities, are not as tech-developed. Poor infrastructure in these locations can get in the way of the project.

Top Tech Cities: Manila, Cebu City, Davao

6. Hungary

Rates: $35 to $70 per hour


EU Business Standards: The software development companies based in Hungary are experienced in dealing with clients in European countries. They follow a proper code of conduct and adhere strictly to EU regulations.

Advanced Tech Skills: Hungary has a well-established tech landscape. The software development sector of Hungary is responsible for around 6% of its annual GDP. This showcases their competency in this industry.

Geographical Position: The Eastern European nation is positioned strategically to collaborate efficiently with both Western European countries and the USA.


High Cost of Services: The cost of software developers in Hungary is pretty high compared to other nations. The average price of a smart and competent developer in Hungary is around $50 an hour.

Smaller Talent Pool: Despite their solid grasp of the tech sector, the number of software developers in Hungary is still quite low. There are only around 80,000 software developers in the country, with 3000 IT students graduating annually.

Top Tech Cities: Budapest, Debrecen, Szeged

7. Mexico

nearshore software development in Mexico

Rates: $25 to $50 per hour


Cultural Compatibility to the USA: Mexico’s close proximity to the USA means they share many cultural similarities. For vendors in the States, cultural similarities can lead to better communication and productivity.

Growing Tech Ecosystem: The tech landscape in Mexico has evolved exponentially in the past few years. Currently, it ranks 4th as the best exporter of IT services globally. The country specializes in enterprise software, mobile app development, and information security.

Huge Talent Pool: With a huge talent pool of over 700,000 software developers, Mexico is a solid choice for software outsourcing. You’ll get access to young and talented software developers at a good price.


Language Barrier outside Major Cities: English proficiency in Mexico remains low outside of major cities. However, that shouldn’t be an issue if you’re working with outsourcing companies within the top tech cities.

Longer Onboarding Process: Outsourcing software development to Mexico requires a thorough understanding of their labor laws. This can make the onboarding process longer than in most other countries.

High Costs: As Mexico is already popular for nearshoring and offshoring, it won’t be easy to find developers at reasonable rates. That’s why it makes more economic sense to utilize other LATAM emerging markets, like Nicaragua or Brazil, to get the best return on your investment.

Top Tech Cities: Mexico City, Guadalajara, Monterrey

8. Romania

Rates: $25 to $45 per hour


Strong Expertise: Romania has a solid tech workforce that is highly skilled in diverse fields, including web development, AI development, and Fintech. This makes it easy to find skilled engineers for your software development projects.

Quality Standards:  Romania maintains Western standards without the additional cost. So, you’ll have fewer quality concerns with this region.

Good Tech Infrastructure: The tech landscape in Romania is highly advanced, featuring modern facilities, reliable power, and fast internet speeds. This results in a more productive work experience and a smoother development process.


Time Zone Differences: The time zone difference of around 8 hours with certain regions of the USA can make it difficult to work on projects that require close monitoring.

Limited Talent Pool: Romania has a respectable talent pool of around 200,000 tech developers. However, compared to other nations, especially in the Asian region, the number is quite low.

Top Tech Cities: Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Iasi, Timișoara, Craiova

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9. Singapore

Rate: $20 to $50$


Highly developed IT infrastructure: Singapore boasts a highly advanced IT infrastructure. The country is the leading fintech hub in Asia Pacific and claims the fourth spot in the global market.

English proficiency: English is the primary language in Singapore. So, for Western vendors, communicating with their outsourcing partners in Singapore is easy.

Education System: The education system of Singapore, focusing highly on STEM subjects, ensures a capable talent pool competent in technical skills such as software development.


Higher Cost of Services: The cost of living in Singapore is high, at least compared to the other neighboring countries in the Asia Pacific region. Naturally, this impacts the service cost of software developers in the region.

Limited Talent Pool: Singapore is a relatively small country, which means a smaller pack of developers for you to choose from. However, the number is increasing annually.

Top Tech Cities: Singapore

10. Ukraine

Rates: $25 to $75 per hour 


Skilled Tech Workers: Ukraine is home to highly skilled software developers adept at complex technologies. Companies looking to undertake an ambitious software development project can rely on Ukraine to deliver results.

Large Talent Pool: Raw skill isn’t the only thing that Ukraine software developers have. It has a huge developer population of around 330,000, more than triple the number back in 2016.

Excellent Tech Education: The tech education in Ukraine is one of the finest in the world, boasting a high number of tech graduates each year. Software developers in Ukraine are smart, talented, and capable of completing complex assignments.


Political Instability: Nationwide political instability due to conflicts makes it a poor business environment. Certain parts of the country have suffered damages due to conflict, which can impact business operations.

Language Barriers: Ukraine is ranked 27th among 35 European countries in terms of English proficiency. This indicates potential communication issues which can get in the way of productivity.

Top Tech Cities: Kyiv, Lviv, Kharkiv

11. India

Offshore development country, India, highlighting team collaboration.

Rates: $10 to $50 per hour


Large Talent Pool: India boasts the biggest talent pool of software developers in the Asia region, second only to China. You can find experts in different fields without any trouble.

Cost-Effective Option: The offshore software development rates in India are extremely affordable. You can likely find developers within a budget of $10 to $15 per hour, while specialists can be hired at as low as $35.

Diverse Skill Sets: Not only is the talent pool in India huge, but the diversity is also very impressive. So, finding the right developer for the project is easier.


Quality Assurance: Since India has an established market with many companies vying for software development services, finding a seasoned developer who will maintain quality would be challenging. To maintain high standards, companies need to have rigorous hiring processes. Although India is more affordable, collaborating with a developer from a growing tech region like Latin America will be less stressful for your company’s HR and QA team.

Time Zone Challenges: The time zone difference between India and Western nations is massive. This makes it difficult to undertake projects that require constant interaction and feedback.

Top Tech Cities: Bangalore, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai

12. Colombia

Rates: $20 to $40 per hour


Competitive Rates: The cost of offshore software development projects in Colombia is a lot more affordable than in other Latin American countries.

Growing Tech Market: The IT industry of Colombia has grown by about 38% in the past five years. They have a huge number of IT students graduating each year. So you’ll get access to young and talented engineers who want to prove themselves.

Close Proximity to the US: Since Colombia is located near the U.S., coordination and collaboration become easier.


Lacks Experience: The software development expertise in Colombian tech teams isn’t really on par with others in the Latin America Region like Nicaragua or Brazil. For simple web design or app development, software developers in Colombia are quite capable. However, they are typically not as experienced in enterprise-level work.

Small Talent Pool: Colombia’s tech industry is very small, consisting of only around 150,000 IT experts. A smaller talent pool gives you fewer options to choose from. However, the number is increasing annually by around 13,000.

Top Tech Cities: Bogota, Medellin, Cali

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Choosing the optimal offshore development partner is crucial to bring your vision to life. The key is identifying a region and company that offers the technical expertise to match your specific project requirements and business goals.

Latin America stands out for its strong pool of talented engineers and capable offshore software development companies like us: All-Win Solutions. Our technical capabilities and cultural alignment make us the perfect choice for everything from complex applications to intuitive mobile apps.

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FAQ – Best Countries for Offshore Software Development

Which Country Is Best in the Software Industry?

Each country has its strengths and weaknesses. India and China, for example, have the most diverse talent pool of varying skill sets in the software industry. The countries in Latin America and Eastern Europe are also home to many talented software experts. We may be biased, but we like Nicaragua! 😉

Which Country Has the Most Intelligent Engineers?

Countries with a strong education system are usually responsible for producing intelligent software engineers. Eastern Europe region is the frontrunner in this case.

How Can I Integrate a Talented Engineer With My Existing Team?

Integrating a talented engineer into your existing team requires understanding the skill gap within your team and going with an outsourcing partner who can plug those gaps. For example, if you need a talented mobile app developer, All-win Solutions is your best bet.

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